Monday, 16 April 2012

One week birthday

The Little Magic Bean blog is now one week old. Woohoo! So, what have I learnt this week?
  1. My husband is surprisingly ok with how much time I’m spending on the laptop. Must have been a busy week of football.
  2. Bloggers (and tweeters) are a funny (and alarmingly prolific) bunch. They are also overwhelmingly supportive of newbies.
  3. Refreshing the viewing counter on Blogger is addictive and as useful as waiting for the kettle to boil. Keeping an eye on the ‘Audience’ stats is fascinating though and a good refresher in Geography - I now know exactly where Peru is on a map. 
  4. Some days I’ve been able to write a whole blog in Amber’s morning naptime. Other days it has taken me all day to do a first draft. And then scrap it.
  5. Tweeting one-handed (while other hand is feeding baby, pushing vacuum, potting sweetpeas - hell, I’m such a cliché!) WILL result in Twitter faux pas. I have replied instead of retweeted, posted half written sentences and favourited a few randoms. It’s a bit like being a new driver on the roads – you sort of hope everyone else will look out for you and make up for your inadequacies.

So the learning continues. I had no idea so much fun could be had (legally) online. Sorry folks, looks like I'm sticking around.

If any seasoned bloggers (comparatively to me that means having blogged for more than 7 days) have any advice on how to improve/get more followers etc then please get in touch. All feedback gratefully received.

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