Monday, 9 April 2012

Once Upon a Time...

It's spring and in the spirit of new beginnings and fresh starts I've decided now is the perfect time to unleash my blog on you. I have been threatening this for some time but having a newborn has muddled up most things in my life, most noticeably my vocabulary. Even now it's a bit iffy at best so if you notice an odd word in the middle of an elephant please skirt around it - I'm sure you'll still be able to determine what it is I'm trying to say.

Although at the moment my daughter is devouring books in a very literal sense, I hope that one day she will realise that there are words next to the pictures (and food is far more nutritious) and so will begin a long and healthy relationship with reading. At the same time, my career is in publishing and I am too well aware of the drastic changes in the industry and of the rise of technology, in particular with regards to ebooks.


A few months ago this YouTube video caused a stir worldwide and shudders down the spines of a large number of book-loving adults. In it a one-year-old little girl struggles to get to grips with a magazine as the ‘screen’ doesn’t respond to her touch in the same way her daddy’s ipad does. Without reading too much into it, it does raise the question: is this how our children will be reading in the future?

I’m not against innovation at all. In fact, with a personal and professional interest in new technology this blog is likely to be both bookish and geeky. My intention with it though is to provide a literature-based space to discuss, review and recommend all things bookish for the little ones: new books, old books, apps, author tours, exhibitions, film adaptations, shows – absolutely anything.

Welcome to Little Magic Beans!

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