Saturday, 21 April 2012

Best time to blog?

Twitter and time management. Two concepts that really do not belong in the same sentence. A bit like Tescos and lingerie. Or green beans and pancakes. Or gin and… (struggling to think of something that doesn’t go with gin actually).

Anyway, since starting this blog I have had to carve out the time to write from somewhere. Not to mention finding the time to tweet. So I'm sure it’s unsurprising to hear that while I’m feeding Little Bean her porridge with one hand, I am also checking emails and Twitter with the other. This has resulted in the odd strawberry up her nose but overall no major incidences.

Now she seems to be settling herself into some sort of routine though, I’ve decided that I should follow her example and add some structure to my life too. Gina would be proud. After much thought and consideration I broke up her usual naptimes into time slots allocating when I would  attend to email, phone calls, admin, housework and the blog. This time-tabling took me a whole naptime. So, already behind schedule, I had a cup of tea. Then, distracting her with a noisy toy while sitting in my lap, I couldn't resist checking my audience stats. Russia? Who’s reading my blog in Russia?

Now, Little Bean is a fairly opinionated baby and she’d clearly decided she’d put up with quite enough. Blowing a rather large raspberry she leaned over and promptly shut down the laptop with a rather forceful blow to the keyboard. Evidently she doesn’t much care about her mother’s newfound fame in Russia.

Subtle as this hint was, I did come to the realisation that perhaps dancing around the room singing Michael Jackson for her amusement will have longer term benefits to our relationship than checking my Klout status. That’s not to say I’m taking a step back from social media – not at all. I’m just going to have to be more organised (and sneaky) about it. I’m bad, I’m bad, I know it. 

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