Friday, 27 April 2012

Edible Art

Food and I get on very well. Sometimes too well. I will happily hoover up meat like a carnivore, brussel sprouts like a bohemian and chocolate mousse like…well the true chocoholic I am. Nothing is safe from me. Except perhaps baked beans which have yet to work their bean magic on me.

Fortunately, so far my Little Bean seems to be just as undiscriminating. In fact, at the moment she shows signs of taking this to extremes by thinking the remote control, pillows and sometimes my nose are all rather tasty.

I am constantly warned by my more experienced mother peers that this will not last. She will become fussy. She will devour something one day and spit it out the next. The writing (or food in this case) is on the wall.

The trick, knowledgeable parents tell me, is to make food interesting. Now, I was always under the impression you were not supposed to play with your food but apparently this outdated belief just shows my age. The rules have changed and dinner time is the new playtime.

This clever mama at clearly does not believe that slicing sandwiches at an angle makes for an interesting lunch. Edible art I’d call it and although I doubt her little boy has any qualms about devouring her amazing creations, I think they’re almost too lovely to eat. 

For Very Hungry Kids
Perfect for a rainy day

 Do you have any tips or tricks to get your little ones to eat healthily (or at all)?

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  1. How lovely! I sometimes opt for a Grufallo face made from bits of sandwich!