Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Literary Decor for Baby's Room

Decorating a baby’s room just so is one of the more bizarre instincts that inflict the pregnant. It is also one of the most enjoyable.

Unfortunately, bad taste is a common side effect for those who are expecting - and I'm not talking about weird food cravings. For example, look at this weird moon that Christina Aguilera thought should be a focal  in her baby’s room when he was first born. And here I thought the idea was to try and avoid sleepless nights?

I spent hours on Pinterest looking up ideas for Little Bean’s room, as only an obsessively nesting mum-to-be can. Luckily when they’re quite young they really don’t have much of a say when it comes to their personal preference in d├ęcor and I pretty much had carte blanche. So I went with a literary theme in keeping with my own interests. I found some really lovely prints at Paperchase of classic children’s illustrations (Paddington Bear, The Owl and the Pussycat and Beatrix Potter) and had them framed in white. 

I’d also seen this illustrator’s work before (Belle and Boo) – I think it may have been on Etsy – and absolutely love her pictures so they went on the wall as well. And now I’ve just discovered that she’s written children’s books too. A few more to add to Amber's reading list then. At seven months she's already building quite a library!

Doesn't it just!

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