Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Today, May 8th, marks the opening of the stage adaptation of CS Lewis’s classic children’s novel so the perfect opportunity to take your kids to see the adventures of Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund as they tumble through a wardrobe into a fantastical kingdom of Narnia.

Set in a specially designed tent in London’s beautiful Kensington Garden, spectacular puppetry and hi-tech multimedia will transform the theatre into the fantastical world, ruled by the evil White Witch. With picnic options available too, it's sure to be brilliant entertainment for the summer (ahem) evenings. Luckily though, even if it rains, the tent is secure and temperature controlled so not to worry if it's not quite as balmy as we'd like.

Where: The Three Sixty Theatre, Kensington Gardens, London, W2 2UH
When: May 8th – September 9th
Tickets: £25-£60. Buy here.

Of course, as impressive as the show is sure to be, nothing beats the original book for bedtime reading.

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