Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fairytale style from Denmark

Famous Danish exports:
  • Hans Christian Andersen, author of Thumbelina, The Little Match Girl, The Little Mermaid and other children's classics
  • Lego
  • Danish Kids Clothing

Danish Kids Clothing logo
It’s fair to say that Little Bean’s wardrobe would make Paris Hilton envious. Actually, I take that back. It’s probably a little lacking in leopard print for Ms Hilton’s tastes now I think about it so perhaps not. Anyway, suffice to say, my little girl has a bulging wardrobe of lovely things – some hand me downs, some gifts, and then some gorgeous outfits I just couldn’t resist. 

Quality, however, is an issue. You get what you pay for in my experience and baby’s clothes really do take a beating by the washing machine.

One outfit that has kept its beautiful colour though and gets envious comments every time she wears it, is a gift from one of my friends, bought from Danish Kids Clothing and I’m absolutely delighted to have been approached to do a review for them. They've recently been featured in Vogue so clearly I'm in good company.

I’ve never been to Denmark and at risk of stereotyping it completely, I picture beautiful children playing with traditional wooden toys and running around in fairytale woods. 

That and Lego. Did you know Lego is Danish? (As a complete aside but keeping with stereotyping see this very interesting article here about the new Lego for girls).

But back to Danish Kids Clothing and its lovely clothes (and shoes!). Here are a few of my favourites available now: 

pretty pink baby clothes
Name it Freja Knit Suit Fudge

Green stripe babygro
Katvig Organic Green Bodysuit

owl print baby clothes
Name it Owl bodysuit purple

They come beautifully wrapped and are an ideal gift for a baby shower or birthday. And as an extra special offer and for a limited time only, if you enter LITTLEMAGICBEANS at checkout you can get 30% off! Happy shopping.


  1. Don't forget Carlsberg....

    1. Of course! How could I forget? Any more?

  2. Oooo so glad you reviewed DKC-am a huge fan!!! The Denim Jeans are the best that I have found. They r super trendy and really easy to pull up which is great for potty training toddlers. Actually most of my girl's decent clothes come from there....

    1. Seems they have a bit of a cult following. Thanks for the tip re the jeans!