Sunday, 13 May 2012

Home office: a beautiful work space is a beautiful mind

I am currently experiencing studio envy.

Being able to occasionally work from home is a huge bonus and one I fully appreciate. For these reasons:
  1. No commute.
  2. Being able to listen to your preferred radio station.
  3. Not having to fork out around a fiver for a sandwich for lunch.
  4. Being able to make a cup of tea without feeling obliged to make one for everyone else within listening distance one too.
  5. No one’s there to raise their eyebrows if you eat three biscuits in one go.
  6. Slobbing around in pyjamas until whatever time you feel necessary to change.
  7. No commute.
My desk however, leaves something to be desired. In that it’s not really a desk and more a dining room table. If I worked from home more often perhaps it would warrant us allocating a dedicated space for my ‘office’ but for the moment a laptop suffices.

But in my browsing on Pinterest (soon to be renamed Procrastinationest) and elsewhere I keep on coming across beautifully stylish home work spaces. Of course, if your business is arty or crafty your tools lend themselves to looking beautiful so they have an unfair advantage. Still, maybe I can arrange my pens and paperclips a bit more creatively?

Here are some of my favourites but you can see more here: 

Office with a view
Perfect space to write my French novel

Fairylights make any space look beautiful

If there are two of you who work from home

 Does your work space look like these? If mine did, there'd be no slobbing around in pyjamas till lunchtime that's for sure.


  1. Currently mine is a computer on an old sewing table crammed into a corner with two double-stacked bookcases, walking boots and the pram. So chic, so now.

  2. Sounds like a Pinterest dream...

  3. Wow, I'd LOVE that top office!! :) My ideal place to write would be a little old boathouse overlooking a mill pond...

  4. Ah, that sounds lovely. My uncle's 'painting room' has beautiful views overlooking the sea. I think that would probably be my ultimate but I suspect I might be daydreaming at the view instead of ever getting any work done!

  5. I love the first one. That would be great to work in, nice and light x