Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fishy vs Frisky

Yesterday I googled ‘Can you feed a baby sardines?’

I google a lot of random questions like this. Ever since I was told under no circumstances to give Little Bean egg before she was one year old, just as I had the spoon poised full of scrambled. I’d assumed this was the perfect weaning food but apparently not. (When she was first born I spent hours during midnight feeds googling 'reflux' and 'breastfeeding positions' and 'how to swaddle'. As a new mum, the internet was my lifeline - Mumsnet, Babycentre, Netmums, even Yahoo Answers had an opinion and by sifting through the forum crazies I usually got to an answer I was happy with.)

So my random search gave me a list of possibles and I hurriedly clicked on the first. It took me to a blog called ‘Sardines in a Can’ which, I might add, is most certainly not a recognised authority on child nutrition. However, the very witty blogger has acknowledged that spurious searches end up on her blog. Apparently her three most popular google searches are:

  1. Can I feed sardines to my baby?
  2. Potassium content of raisins
  3. Puddle dog

And as she feels sorry for the misguided souls who have inadvertently landed on her blog about her family’s roadtrip she has made a valiant attempt to answer the above questions. Isn't that good of her? I’ve decided that based on this I really like this blogger and will be following her ‘musings’ from now on.

My own most popular searches are from internet users with a very different agenda. A few weeks ago I wrote about Ellen Degeneres’ hilarious video reading from Fifty Shades of Grey. The blog title? Mummy porn. As you can imagine the bounce rate for people who land on that page is fairly high. Once the seedy searchers realise my booky/parenting blog is not quite so saucy they hotfoot it out of here to get their kicks elsewhere. Ah well, you can’t please everyone.

What are your weirdest/most popular searches? Or have you ever ended up on completely the wrong site by accident?


  1. My friend (a keen fish owner) googled "Clown Knife Fish" (which is, apparently, a type of fish) the first page he got on the search was porn (involving clowns? Knives? Fish? who knows!) unknowingly he opened it in the busy computer room at university.

    The oddest search I've had on my blog was "Lamination before and after" but I've never laminated anything, let alone blogged about it

    1. Come on Knitty Mummy, everyone knows about the Clown/Knife/Fish porn craze... ;)

  2. Not really a search... I was playing the 20 Questions game online thinking about breast milk and the computer guessed Love!