Thursday, 7 June 2012

Take me to your reader

Twitter has been going crazy about aliens of late. At first I wondered if this was a 21st Century reincarnation of The War of the Worlds but it turns out it’s just massive hype around Ridley Scott's new blockbuster, Prometheus

I say hype like it’s a bad thing but for people who like that kind of film, it’s supposed to be excellent. 'Gut-wrenching' says the Observer, 'repulsively awesome' enthuses the Huffington Post, and 'shows abundant visual panache' compliments the Daily Mail. So far, so Hollywood. 

Personally, I’m more of a Men in Black than Aliens type of fan (yes, I know, there goes my credibility) so I won't be rushing off to the cinema anytime soon.
And as I’m not a massive movie buff I thought Little Bean and I should get in on the act by reading a few fun alien books instead. Here are some of our options:

And then for me there's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - that's my kind of alien story. You can keep your blockbuster of 'slime-spattered, blood-spurting science-fiction'. I'd prefer a bit of funny any day.


  1. I never even managed to see Aliens all the way through and have to confess having missed the hype for the new film too but can confirm the brilliance of men in black, aliens love underpants and hitch hiker's guide ( I was a desperately sad addict, even had the tapes which I stretched through over playing!!!!!) xvx

    1. Good to hear not just me then :) Really can't handle all the goo and gore of horror alien films. Yay for Douglas Adams!