Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A dramatic week

It’s been a funny old week.

My other half has been working nights so I am feeling like a single parent.

Despite my remonstrations, Little Bean has started an amorous relationship with the toilet brush.

Someone from Hollyoaks asked me for directions (the interesting bit of this is that someone asked me for directions. I’ve mentioned before that this is rarely in their best interests).

I discovered bulgar wheat is much tastier than it sounds.

And, after eight years at the same company, I handed in my notice.

It was emotional. So, as of 19th October I will be relying on the whims of the freelancing editorial market and perhaps working part time. I will also hopefully be witnessing Little Bean’s first steps - I’m convinced she isn’t yet walking because I’ve been at work and neglecting her motor skill development (ridiculous, I know but there you have it).

So there you go. Get in touch if you have any freelance editing/copywriting work. I’m available. And can somebody on Dragon’s Den please invent a wall-mounted toilet brush?

Update: As it turns out...I have been offered a wonderful part-time position for the most fantastic, dynamic, family-friendly company! 'Put it out there to the universe,' my friend said. I did and the universe was really very generous in return.


  1. Brave girl. Good luck with everything. Sure your fab writing will bring you plenty of opportunities!
    Suggest relocating toilet brush onto a shelf or somewhere else out of sight along with all other non-child-friendly gadgets for the next few years!!

    1. Thanks Jane, I hope so!
      Am beginning to realise I don't own many gadgets that ARE child friendly...

  2. You are an incredible writer and are going to do really well! Congrats!!

  3. Wow, how exciting :) how do you feel?
    I love being a stay at home mum and having my writing too (not that I get paid for mine)
    Don't worry about Little Beans walking, William didn't walk until 15 1/2 months, they take their own time to do things x

  4. Hello, and lol at the toilet brush, but next comes, where are my keys, phone, tv remote, cat biscuits? Um, have you checked down the toilet haha.